Forever 21 criticised for sending customers diet bars with their orders

Caroline Allen
The clothing retailer has faced backlash after customers received a diet bar in their orders. [Photo: Getty]

Forever 21 has been described by disgruntled customers as “fat-phobic” after all of the retailer’s plus-size orders came with a free Atkins diet bar.

Twitter users shared pictures of their orders and called for Forever 21 to “re-evaluate its brand partnerships”.

Forever 21 issued a statement afterwards saying: “The freebie items in question were included in all online orders, across all sizes and categories, for a limited time and have since been removed.”

Customers were still left questioning why Forever 21 would partner up with a diet bar in the first place.

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One user wrote: “Diet culture continues to thrive because of companies like you who “subtly” shove it down people’s throats. Please address this.”

The tweet was shared over 3,000 times, prompting other people to share pictures of their freebie diet bars.

The brand have been accused of “catching customers off guard” but not everybody sees a problem with it.

“It’s nothing personal.” One user wrote, explaining how she bought some plus size and some small clothes as part of her order.

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Forever 21 isn’t the only online retailer to come under fire recently.

Last month, ASOS was questioned about why it isn’t using actual pregnant women in its photography.

Earlier this year, Boohoo also came under fire for labelling size 8 clothing as ‘large’ on its website.

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Since its initial statement, Forever 21 has released another one apologising for “any offence” the diet bar caused.

Some people rallied in support of Forever 21 saying they had “nothing to apologise for”.

However, many people are still left reeling from the unexpected delivery with one user saying: “Even if that's the case since when is it a good idea to include such an awful promo item with CLOTHES. even skinny women don't feel great about getting diet food sent to them unprovoked.”

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