'You Forgot to Tan Your Hand': Kim Kardashian Accused of 'Blackfishing' After New Viral Video

Buzz Staff
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Kim Kardashian West is getting trolled. Again. But this time, the reality star has been facing heat for "blackfishing."

In a video posted by Kardashian on Twitter, she can be seen dressed in a retro-style tan leather jacket and leather pants. But her face and her skin tone appears to be unusually darker in the video. However, this was not what stood out for most of her followers - they couldn't help but point out the stark difference in skin tone between her hands and her face. Her hands, in the video, appear to be much lighter-toned than the rest of her body.

While many pointed out that her hands looked unnaturally pale, others accused her of "blackfishing."

For those unaware, "blackfishing" is a term that has been recently coined following disturbing social media trends. According to Urban Dictionary, it is the act of pretending to be black by altering your own appearance (using makeup, changing hairstyle and in some drastic cases, even surgery).

"The general point of blackfishing is for a female of European descent to appear of African, Arab, or Hispanic ancestry," Urban Dictionary defines. Yes, that includes tanning or spray tanning in order to look darker than you really are.

This is really not the first time the Kardashians, who trace their descent to Armenian immgirant on their father's side, has been schooled for cultural appropriation. In April 2020, Kim faced flak for posing in a maang tika.

The pictures showed Kardashian dressed in a color-block grey outfit, consisting of a crop top and a long skirt. Along with it, she sported gold bangles and a gold maang tika.

In October, she got trolled again for throwing a lavish birthday party amid the coronavirus pandemic. flew her whole clan and her group of friends to a private island after getting them for Covid-19. She shared photos from the gala celebrations; however, this did not sit quite well with Twitterati who felt that her posts were "insensitive" since the world is currently grappling to deal with a global health crisis.

Meanwhile, there have also been reports of Kim divorcing her husband, rapper Kanye West. Their marriage seems to be "effectively over" as they have "no plans" to start living together any time soon, according to reports. The 40-year-old reality star and entrepreneur continues to live in Los Angeles with their four children while rapper Kanye, 43, stays at his ranch in Wyoming.