Former boxer Carl Froch claims Earth is flat and NASA is 'fake'

Former boxer Carl Froch has accused NASA of being ‘fake’ after claiming Earth is flat.

Froch, 42, is the latest sport star to openly state his opposition to widely-held scientific beliefs.

The former world super-middleweight champion has gone so far as to call out NASA - the National Aeronautics and Space Administration - for using false images.

He insists the images are CGI-created and that he won’t believe Earth is round unless he is fired up into space himself.

“The Earth is flat, 100%," Froch said, according to the Daily Star.

"There’s no proof of the Earth’s curvature and this fake space agency Nasa use CGI images and every one is different. I’m looking at them thinking, ‘Hang on a minute, they’re like cartoons.’

Froch was a world super-middleweight title winner. (Photo by Peter Byrne/PA Images via Getty Images)

“When someone like Richard Branson goes up there and starts doing chartered flights... and you can look back on Earth and see the Earth’s curvature, I’ll believe the Earth is a globe.”

He’s the latest high-profile sports stars to profess these views, with Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving apologising last year after claiming Earth was flat.

Basketball star Steph Curry was also caught in a furore after suggesting the moon-landing was faked, while legendary former Australian cricketer Shane Warne questioned the theory of evolution - saying “we started from aliens”.

A Spanish football team renamed itself Flat Earth FC earlier this year.

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