How Fortis HD is Disrupting The Heavy Equipment Maintenance Industry

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As first world society continues to advance technologically, social and cultural norms make major shifts every day. So while the digital age continues to expand, which companies are making the rise with it? The answer is simple: the power belongs to companies capable of shifting and influencing the public opinion. Fortis HD, a company that offers the highest quality rubber tracks, undercarriage parts & OTR tires has already taken it upon itself by utilizing data collection and customer experience to its advantage.

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The web presence has opened many doors for individuals and companies to help them create a market share and make the most of their offerings and capitalizing on this shift, Fortis HD is Disrupting The Heavy Equipment Maintenance Industry through its innovative solutions. In a short period of time, the company has done work far beyond and in-fact it already holds the keys to its own empire. Now with a network of over various brands and suppliers in the Heavy Equipment Maintenance industry, it has a plethora of range to leverage, and the resources to support clients for all needs.

Fortis HD was created to solve problems of heavy equipment owners who were looking for quality track heavy equipment and accessories in the market. Either equipments were too expensive or they were too hard to track down. Nearly all Fleet managers, equipment owners, and rental company owners were finding the similar experience and frustrated due to lack of a resource where they can find quality tracks and equipments at a competitive price that they can afford in the long run.

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Fortis HD’s Kevin H. shares that, “There were not only issues with price and quality, another major concern was how to buy and logistics services associated with it. Maintenance of heavy equipment is very difficult and everytime you won't be able to find the right part and you need to call multiple places to get one that you need.” As a solution, the Fortis website was created to solve the problems and operate as a reliable source for quality machine parts would make the maintenance of equipment a breeze, compared to their current options, which was making equipment maintenance a headache.

The Fortis website was launched as an easy-to-use platform that connects equipment owners and operators with affordable parts for their machines. The owners of Fortis HD have vast experience in heavy equipment & construction industry and they designed to make the lives of anyone involved with Heavy Equipment a little bit easier. They partnered with a number of brands and vendors to expand their product category.

While many traditional companies focus on traditional ways to establish them in the market, Fortis HD has taken a different approach and in order to strengthen its repertoire in the heavy equipment repair and maintenance industry, the company is developing a software to automate the part buying process for heavy equipment owners. Kevin H. further states that, “We’re looking to develop software to connect machines into the cloud where they can communicate with Fortis HD for the parts they need.”

As the digital climate continues to evolve it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure, however the space changes, it is certain that Fortis HD will be there, leading the charge.