‘I have fought for this day’: Mary Kom’s inspiring words after qualifying for Tokyo Olympics

Considering she is someone who has time and again refused to let hurdles bog her down, six-time world champion boxer MC Mary Kom has been an inspiration like none other. After qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics which are scheduled to be held in July-August 2020, Mary Kom talks in this inspiring video about overcoming obstacles with sheer determination.

"This (qualification) was a long time coming. I have worked a lot for this. I feel I have earned this. It wasn't easy to choose boxing being a girl. The other (hurdle) was continuing boxing after marriage. It was difficult to make a comeback after child birth," she said in this inspiring video by Olympic Channel.

Commenting on how challenges have been a part of her journey, she said, "I have taken several challenges in my life. I took up a challenge to show all the people with negativity, who have questioned me and my capabilities as to who I am. So that, they all keep quiet one day. I have fought for this day only. Almost, my dream has started to become a reality."