Four fibre-rich corn recipes that'll leave you wanting more

Bhutta or corn is an indispensable part of the Indian diet. Corn contains folic acid, potassium, and thiamine and some Vitamin C. It is also a good source of fibre.

Chefs and culinary experts share their favourite corn-based recipes...

Bhutte ki kees by Chef Pallavi Nigam Sahay

Bhutte Ki Kees

Recipe: Chef Pallavi Nigam Sahay - TV host, Author and Tea Sommelier


- Ghee — 1 tbsp

- Cumin seeds —½ tsp

- Mustard seeds — ½ tsp

- Asafoetida or heeng pinch

- Grated ginger — 1 tsp

- Chopped green chili — 1 tsp

- Red chilli powder — ¼ tsp

- Turmeric powder — ¼ tsp

- Salt to taste, Sugar — ½ tsp

- Milk — ½ cup

- Chopped coriander — 1 tbsp

- Grated coconut —1 tbsp


- Take the corn kernels out of cob and grind them in a mixer grinder till it becomes a thick pulp.

- Heat ghee in a pan, add jeera and mustard seed and let them crackle.

- Add asafoetida, ginger, green chili, and turmeric powder.

- Add corn pulp and sauté while continuously stirring for four to five minutes.

- Now add red chili powder, salt, and milk. Cook, while stirring for 5-6 minutes. Corn pulp will change its colour.

- Serve garnished with grated coconut and chopped coriander.

Dahi Bhutteyan de Kebab at Taftoon Bar & Kitchen

Dahi Bhutteyan de Kebab

Recipe: Chef Milan Gupta

Restaurant: Taftoon Bar & Kitchen


- Frozen corn kernels — 500 gm

- Chaat masala — 10 gm

- Jeera powder — 10 gm

- Black salt — 5 gm

- Salt to taste

- Dhaniya chopped — 8 gm

- Hung curd — 50 gm

- Green chilllies — 3-4 pcs

- Oil — 5 ml


- In a pan sauté corn kernels on high heat with green chilli and little salt.

- Coarsely chop the corn in a mixer.

- Add rest of the ingredients and mix well.

- Make round tikkis of 60 gm each.

- On a hot plate grill the tikkis from both sides.

- Serve hot with mint chutney

Chinese Style Corn curd by Chef Ananya Banerjee

Chinese Style Corn Curd

Recipe: Chef Ananya Banerjee - TV host and Cookbook Author


- 1 tin cream style sweet corn 400 gm

- 1 cup corn flour

- White pepper powder —1/2 teaspoon

- Spring onion greens chopped 1 stalk

- Oil for deep frying for greasing

- Salt to taste


- Heat a pan. Mix together sweet corn, corn flour, salt, white pepper powder and add to the pan. Cook on high heat for five minutes or till the mixture thickens.

- Add spring onion greens and mix well. Remove from heat.

- Grease a plate or a barfi tray with oil and sprinkle with some corn flour; spread the sweet corn mixture on it, smoothing the surface. Set aside to cool.

- Cut out square or diamond shaped pieces and dust with some cornflour. Deep-fry the pieces till golden.

Thai corn scallion fritter at Republic of Noodles, Lemon Tree Premier

Thai Corn & Green Scallion Fritters

Recipe: Executive Chef Binish Baby, Lemon Tree Premier

Restaurant: Republic of Noodles


- American sweet corn kernels —15 gm

- Red curry paste — 1tbsp

- Coriander root-garlic paste —1tsp

- Black pepper crushed — 1tsp

- Kaffir lime leaves — a few

- Spring onion chopped — 2

- Red chillies chopped — 2

- Baking powder a pinch

- Refined flour — 2 tbsp

- Oil for frying

- Salt to taste

- Chilli plum sauce for serving


- Mix all the ingredients, except oil,


- Make a smooth mixture and roll into six equal balls.

- Flatten each ball into round fritters.

- Deep fry the fritters in medium hot oil till golden brown.

- Serve hot with chilli plum sauce.