Four dead and two injured after two-hour rampage by man 'full of anger'

Four people were killed and two injured after a man described as “full of anger” went on a two-hour rampage in California.

The 33-year-old man was arrested after dropping a knife and a gun following the attacks in Garden Grove and Santa Ana, south-east of Los Angeles.

Police said the series of robberies and stabbings appeared to be random and the only known motives were “robbery, hate, homicide”.

Four people were killed and two injured after the man's two-hour rampage (Picture: AP/Alex Gallardo)

"We know this guy was full of anger and he harmed a lot of people tonight,” Garden Grove police lieutenant Carl Whitney said.

Lt Whitney told a news conference that police were called first to a burglary at an apartment where no-one was hurt.


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Afterwards a bakery was robbed as well as an insurance business, and a woman was stabbed several times in the back. She is expected to survive.

Lt Whitney said a caller reported watching the stabbing via CCTV.

The series of robberies and stabbings appeared to be random, police said (Picture: AP/Alex Gallardo)

Police were then called back to the same apartment complex where two men had been stabbed. One died on a balcony and another died at a hospital.

Some reports have described the weapon used for the stabbings as a ‘machete-like weapon’.

Other robberies in the incident included a cheque-cashing business and a petrol station where a man’s nose was nearly severed in the attack.

The suspect's silver Mercedes was tracked to the car park of a 7-Eleven store in Santa Ana, where a security guard was disarmed and stabbed to death and an employee of a nearby Subway store was killed.

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