Four things no one told you about being stylish

Photo: Mnz/Unsplash

Handy tips to look stylish every day (yes, even when you're working from home) effortlessly.

Whether we like it or not, what we wear does leave an impression on the people we meet. This is especially true if you’re meeting people for the first time and so it’s only fair that you put in some thought into what you wear. It is a myth that you have to put in effort to look stylish. So, here are some handy tips for you to practice during the lockdown.

1. Do not wear clothes that aren’t comfortable

No matter how great a garment looks on a mannequin or an e-commerce website, it matters how you feel when you wear it. If that amazing looking dress makes you uncomfortable, you will likely be looking at the first opportunity to get out of it. So before you buy something, make sure you try it out and walk around it in for some time before buying it. The liberal return policies of most e-commerce sites make it easy for you to return something you don’t like

2. Absolutely do not wear clothes that don’t fit

That’s the other thing. The picture of the model wearing that blazer may look great but it may not fall just as well on your non-model-like built. A linen jacket that looks stunning in the pictures may look frumpy when you wear it. This isn’t your fault; some outfits lend themselves better to certain body types. And while guides to this definitely exist, the best way to understand what works for your body is by simply wearing it and taking a hard look at yourself in the mirror. If it’s too tight or too loose, look for something in your size. Remember, there are no wrong body types, just wrong clothes.

3. Break into your new clothes

It doesn’t take an awful lot to spot a man wearing a suit for the first time. This is especially true at weddings when old suits are brought out of the closet, smelling of mothballs and looking like they were cut in the ‘90s. But even if it is a new suit, you know the person wearing it doesn’t wear one very often simply by the way he stands. A novice suit-clad man is always uncomfortable, fidgety and stiff because he isn’t entirely sure how he looks at that moment and will try to be as ‘formal’ as possible wearing a suit. It’s a dead giveaway. To avoid this, it would help if you break into the suit before the big day. If you’re wearing something for an interview, wear it and walk around in it for a few hours well before your interview day. This will make you feel more comfortable in the garment; you’ll know its strengths and flaws and you will be more confident in carrying it off on the day of your interview/meeting/wedding. And this holds true for almost all garments. Break into your new garments. And now is a good time do it – you’re at home, in your comfort zone, so don’t hesitate to pull out that jacket or try out a new combination. When you step into your workplace after the lockdown, you’ll be a lot more comfortable with what you’re wearing.

4. Invest in shoes

Stylish people always pay attention to their shoes. The right pair of shoes can elevate your outfit and the wrong pair can bring it down a few notches. Sneakers are in right now and if you know how to team them up with something as simple as a white t-shirt and a pair of. jeans, you’d discover that they look pretty darned smart.