'Fox & Friends' defend Trump’s Baltimore tweets by citing Bernie Sanders comments from 2015

Fox & Friends” attempted to defend Donald Trump’s Baltimore comments on Monday by comparing the president’s tweets to a quote made by Senator Bernie Sanders in 2015.

Sanders, who was in Baltimore at the time, said:

“Anyone took the walk we took around this neighborhood would not think you’re in a wealthy nation. You would think you were in a third world country.”

Trump took to Twitter on Monday, calling Bernie “crazy.”

Sanders responded online shortly thereafter.

Trump initially tweeted out some harsh remarks about politician Elijah Cummings and Baltimore over the weekend. In those tweets, Trump said Cummings had “been able to do so little for the people of Baltimore,” and that he had “hurt innocent people.”

After many criticized POTUS’ tweets, Trump fired back, saying, “Dems always play the race card.”

On Sunday, Trump labeled Cummings a “racist.”

Many disagreed with Trump’s initial statements and “Fox & Friends” defense of Trump.

But Trump and “Fox & Friends” had some supporters, who found the double standard of the media, democrats and those online to be bothersome.

What do you think of “Fox & Friends” comparing Sanders’ 2015 comments on Baltimore to Donald Trump’s 2019 tweets about the city? Was “Fox & Friends” right to compare the two? Is the media being too harsh on Trump and not harsh enough on Sanders? Let us know in the comments below.

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