Freddie Mercury mocked Michael Jackson for sleeping on his mansion floor, says assistant

Amy West
Freddie Mercury once teased Michael Jackson for sleeping on a mattress with no bed frame, says the Queen frontman's former personal assistant (Larry Marano/Dave Hogan/Getty)

Freddie Mercury once mocked Michael Jackson for sleeping on the floor of his mansion, says the Queen singer’s personal assistant.

In an exclusive interview with Metro, Peter ‘Phoebe’ Freestone – who worked with the We Will Rock You singer for 12 years before his death in 1991 – recalled a time in the early 1980s, when Jackson invited Mercury to his Los Angeles home and took him on a tour of the lavish million-dollar property.

But when the pair ventured into the Thriller singer’s bedroom, they were shocked to discover that he slept on a mattress in the middle of the room.

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“‘You’ve got money, why don’t you buy a bed?’” Freestone remembered Mercury quipping. “Michael just said, ‘I feel so much better when I’m closer to the Earth.’

“Freddie said, ‘Well how much closer does not having a bed make you? We’re upstairs.’” he laughed. “That was the sort of thing that happened.”

Personal assistant Peter Freestone worked with Freddie Mercury for 12 years, right up to his death in 1991 (STEFAN WERMUTH/AFP/Getty Images)

Despite Mercury making harmless jokes at Jackson’s expense, Freestone assured fans that the legendary musicians got on well and worked together even more effectively.

He told the publication that he remembers the pair of them recording for eight hours straight one day, as well as writing collaborative hits such as State of Shock and There Must Be More To Life Than This.

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“The combination of the two of them, but just being there while they were feeding off each other. Each of them were just giving out everything they could to create something and to be present at that sort of thing is amazing,” he gushed.

“The same happened with David Bowie with Under Pressure for Queen. To be present when you have… it’s almost like electricity. Then you feel tension in the air and there’s that ozone smell. It’s almost like that.”