Freddy Daruwala: 'The Incomplete Man Asks That If A Minor Can Have A Mind To Rape, Then Why Shouldn't He Deserve The Same Punishment?'- EXCLUSIVE

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Freddy Daruwala came into limelight with his debut film Holiday as the antagonist opposite Akshay Kumar. He followed it up with his villainous stint opposite Salman Khan in Race 3. Seven years after his debut, the actor is gearing up for his first solo lead, The Incomplete Man, and informs that it raises the question that if you are old enough to commit a crime then why not face the punishment.

Talking about the film, Freddy says, “The Incomplete man raises a question about a very relevant issue. In our country, there have been a lot of rape cases. In one such infamous case, one of the convicts was a minor, and because of his age he wasn’t given such harsh punishments as the others. This film questions that belief that if a minor has the mind to commit a rape and murder, then why doesn’t he deserves the same kind of punishment. The tagline of the film is if you are old enough to commit a crime then why not face the punishment,” he informs.

Sharing further, Freddy informs that the film is about three girls who are friends and start getting murdered one by one. “One of them gets saved and I play that girl’s neighbour and love interest. I am a cop and the film is about my dilemma about whether to follow the law and order or the human emotions. As a cop you are trained not to kill anyone but your mind and heart says something else when it comes to such crimes,” he asserts.

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