Freedom of expression? Congress sues website for article

One of the issues on which the Congress has been trying to corner the Narendra Modi govt for the last six years is freedom of speech and the free press. But now the Grand Old Party has tendered a legal notice to the online portal 'Firstpost' for an article criticising the Congress’ stand on the recent India-China stand-off.

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"Firstpost served a strong legal notice by AICC Legal Dept for defamatory, incendiary & provocative news articles. Media must know its limits & desist fr acting as mouth piece of ruling party," Vivek Tankha, the Rajya Sabha member from Congress posted on Twitter.

However, he didn't specify what was 'incendiary' or 'provocative' about the article.The article, ‘China jibes: Congress plays to English-speaking social media fans as grassroots support wanes’, was written by senior journalist Abhijit Majumder and stated that the party is out of sync with the sentiments of the large number of masses. Majumder also wrote in his article that the former Congress president Rahul Gandhi's views on Sino-Indian relations are ill-informed and petty.

Majumder reacted to the tweet of Mr Tankha with a pithy one liner. "This is freedom of expression, Congress-style," he wrote on his Twitter account.

Link to Abhijit Majumder’s article