French riot police evict hundreds of migrants from Dunkirk camp as English Channel crossings continue

French riot police walk by tents during the evacuation of the Grande-Synthe migrant camp (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Riot police are evacuating about 1,000 migrants from a camp in France, as attempted crossings over the English Channel continue.

French riot police entered a gym and tent camp near Dunkirk before dawn on Tuesday to dismantle the facility.

The Grande-Synthe site is home to more than 1,000 migrants, many of whom have congregated there in the hopes of crossing the English Channel into the UK.

French officials said they are carrying out the evacuation because of security and hygiene concerns but there are fears it could cause more dangerous attempts by migrants to reach Britain.

Earlier this month, the number of crossings soared after camps in France were cleared.

Last month, prime minister Boris Johnson warned migrants not to make the attempt to get into the UK.

One charity says migrants should be allowed to claim UK asylum while in France in order to cut down on the dangerous channel crossings.

Among those evacuated from the camp were numerous children with their families.

Migrant families leave the camp with their belongings during an evacuation by French police (Picture: AFP/Getty)

It was reported that the migrants included a number of Kurds from Iraq.

Earlier this month, a French court ordered that the migrants be removed in order to stem violence and human trafficking in the area.

Officials said the migrants are being taken to temporary shelters and are allowed to apply for asylum.

On Monday, 29 migrants in small boats were rescued off the Kent coast and handed over to UK immigration officials, the Home Office said.

Migrants leave the Grande-Synthe camp during its evacuation by French police (Picture: AFP/Getty)

It said Border Force was alerted to a small boat crossing the Channel at about 4.30am and eight men, a woman and two children - who said they were Iraqi and Iranian - were found on board.

Meanwhile the French coastguard said it rescued nine migrants - six men, a woman and two children - shortly after 5am when the engine on their boat failed. They were taken to Boulogne-sur-Mer and handed over to police at around 8.15am.

At about 8.30am, Border Force intercepted a group of 11 men, three women and two children who were also taken to Dover and handed over to immigration officials.

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On Monday afternoon, Sussex Police found more people on Fairlight Beach, Hastings, East Sussex. A woman and a child have been handed over to the Home Office.

On Sunday, 41 migrants in four craft were caught heading for UK shores amid sunny weather and relatively calm sea conditions.

Two men, who said they were an Iranian and an Afghan, were picked up after attempting the perilous voyage in a kayak, the Home Office said.

A boat carrying 24 migrants - two of whom were children - was intercepted, with another vessel carrying five men and a woman also found. A third boat, carrying seven men and two women, was also found. The migrants said they were Iranian, Afghan, Turkish and Malian.

All were handed over to immigration officials.

A group of people thought to be migrants are brought to shore by Border Force officers at the Port of Dover on Monday (Picture: PA)

On September 10, Border Force intercepted what is thought to be the highest number of migrants in a single day, when at least 86 men, women and children were detained.

The number of migrants taken in by UK authorities so far this year is thought to have already passed 1,000.

Border Force cutters are continuing to patrol the Channel while drones, CCTV and night vision goggles are used, the Home Office said.

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