In fresh tirade, Fisher slams DC Films President Walter Hamada

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In fresh tirade, Fisher slams DC Films President Walter Hamada
In fresh tirade, Fisher slams DC Films President Walter Hamada

03 Jan 2021: In fresh tirade, Fisher slams DC Films President Walter Hamada

Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg in DCEU, repeated the notion of "accountability > entertainment" in a tweet about DC Films President Walter Hamada.

In the post, Fisher bashed Hamada over his alleged role in enabling the toxic environment created by director Joss Whedon, during the filming of Justice League.

He also made it clear he won't "participate in any production associated with him."

Fact: 'Walter Hamada is the most dangerous kind of enabler'

Tweet: Hamada, WB's PR hid real issues during 'JL' probe: Fisher

In his fiery tweet, Fisher called Hamada a "dangerous kind of enabler" and a liar.

The 33-year-old also called out WB's response in September regarding the probe, in which the studio accused the actor of not participating with the third-party investigator, a claim Fisher laughs at.

Calling WB's claim a PR "hit-piece," he alleged that Hamada's initiatives hid real issues during the probe.

Big revelation: Fisher's tweet makes Cyborg's stint hazy from now on

"I will not participate in any production associated with him. A > E," Fisher concluded his tweet with this sentence, making it clear his stint as Cyborg with the film remains hazy from now.

That part is all the more evident as Fisher also shared an interview with Hamada, which also noted that Zack Snyder is not associated with the future of the studio.

Action: Last month, WarnerMedia probe promised 'remedial action' leaving Fisher grateful

Fisher's latest furor follows WarnerMedia's acknowledgment of the actor's courage to speak up the truth and assistance in the impartial third-party investigation.

WarnerMedia announced on December 11 that "remedial action" has been taken with respect to Fisher's claims against Whedon, whose unspecified misconduct was allegedly supported by producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.

There's no explanation, however, about the nature of those "remedial actions."

Unity: Jason 'Aquaman' Momoa, Gal Gadot support Fisher's version

Since July, Fisher's attacks against the high honchos of WB and DC raised apprehensions about the actor's position in the upcoming feature film Flash, wherein Cyborg plays a key role.

Over time, Fisher found support from his co-stars, Jason Momoa aka Aquaman and Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman.

Gadot confirmed that she had an unpleasant encounter with Whedon and thus, believes Fisher.

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