Friends- The Reunion Review: I Cried, Laughed And Smiled Endlessly; Feel The Chills With Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc

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Saying that you were expecting anything less than an emotional roller coaster ride from the Friends: The Reunion episode would be like expecting Joe to share his food! Well, 'Joe doesn't share his food' and Friends never ever disappoints in making you feel awesome! The reunion episode will open the floodgates for all Friends lovers and I can vouch for that.

When this project was announced and the trailer dropped, I was a little taken aback to know that we will not see an actual Friends episode with the characters renuiniting 17 years later, instead, it will be more of talking between the cast and probably reliving the memories. After watching the episode, I am glad that they did what they did and how they did.

The episode starts with Ross (and I will refer to them with their character names through the review because that's who they are for me) entering Stage 24, the actual set of the show which was recreated for this reunion. Then comes Phoebe, followed by Racheal, Joe, Monica and Chandler. They all go around the set and memories of their scenes hit them and us at the same time. It all happened HERE! phew!

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The show is a combination of a lot of behind the scenes footage, sprinkled with the return of the supporting casts in bits and parts- Yes, Janice also makes an appearance with her famous OMG.

What makes this special from any other behind the scenes documentary is that it is not just any BTS- the ones incorporated in here have a meaning, they take us in the world of Friends, 17 years back- tell us how they were, what they were while shooting the show and how genuine the camaraderie and equations were. Especially for a time when social media was not there and we barely knew these actors beyond our screens.

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There are some amazing moments in the episode which just stays with you, like the one where the conversation steers towards Jennifer and David actually having a major crush on each other throughout the show but never did anything about it and how they recreate their famous coffee shop kissing scene, barring the kiss of course, is just so beautiful.

So, Friends: The Reunion is an absolute treat for Friends lovers. I only cried, laughed and smiled through the 1 hour 40 mins of pure delight. Just seeing the entire cast come together for the last time has created a memory on its own and a nostalgia forever. Just go and watch this one NOW! I give it 5 stars, based on nothing but my love for Friends, the series and the way Ross, Racheal, Phoebe, Joe, Monica and Chandler REUNITED us with them!

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