Friendship Day 2020: Things You Can Do to on Your Virtual Reunion With Friends

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This Friendship Day is going to be different from previous ones. This year, people are advised to stay indoors and refrain from gathering at one place owing to the COVID-19 crisis.

Generally, this day is observed by partying with buddies and spending good time with them. People go to movies together or hold a reunion to relive happy memories of the past. This year, celebrations will remain subdued in view of the rising cases of COVID-19. However, amid the prevailing situation, technology offers the option of staying connected. This time, people can hold online gatherings using the facility of the group video call.

As Friendship Day is just a day away (August 2), one can plan a virtual reunion with friends to celebrate the bond of friendship.

Here are some activities which you can do on your virtual reunion:

At-home Party

You can party online. To do this, just get dressed, decorate the room and arrange party lights to set the mood right. Play music and dance together at your respective homes.


To have fun and relive the days of childhood, you can play tambola. For this, you require tambola tickets and a pen. Players can call out one number at a time and they can also show the completely crossed ticket to others on the video call.

Dumb Charades

It has always been an entertaining game. On a group video call, one player can show expressions and gestures and others have to guess the name of the movie. Playing this game will take you down the memory lane.


People belonging to all age groups enjoy playing antakshari. If you have an uninterrupted Internet connection, you can get involved in the battle of songs. This game is also used by people to convey messages to a particular person in the group. Through songs, one can express love, sarcasm, anger or any other emotion.