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The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph - which labels the new PM the 'Dude' - calls the change of PM 'a new chapter after three wasted years'. It adds: "His first task is to construct a Cabinet with the expressed purpose of delivering Brexit by October 31." (Twitter)

From ‘Brexit's darkest hour’ to the ‘dude’: Newspapers react to Boris Johnson’s victory

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

After Boris Johnson unsurprisingly won the Tory leadership election, UK newspapers did not waste time in commenting on the next Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson has proved to be equally as divisive between the country’s media as he is with MPs in his own party.

Headlines ranged from predicting doom in ‘Brexit’s darkest hour’ to hoping that Mr Johnson could ‘bring the sunshine’ following the reign of Theresa May.


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Some commentators call for an immediate General Election while others demand the new PM finally deliver Brexit.

The new Tory leader will take over the reins of power after Mrs May leaves No 10 for the final time today to formally tender her resignation to the Queen.

On entering Downing Street, Mr Johnson will also make an address to the nation - setting out his optimistic vision for the future for a post-Brexit UK.