Frozen's Olaf back to Disney Plus with new short film

Shubham Dasgupta
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27 Oct 2020: Frozen's Olaf back to Disney Plus with new short film

After treating fans with Frozen and Frozen 2, Disney is bringing an important side character to the fore, again.

Olaf, the joyfully innocent snowman is back with his original short film, Once Upon A Snowman.

This 8-minute-long film was released on the brand's OTT platform Disney Plus on October 23 and has become a breather for fans of the popular Frozen franchise.

Snippets: The trailer starts with the song 'Let it go'

Winning over hearts from the second the trailer starts is the song Let it go by Idina Menzel, which we see Elsa singing on screen.

She sways and croons while using her magical fingers to create fantastic snowy creatures, one of them being snowman Olaf.

The latest short film narrates the untold adventures of Olaf since his creation and follows the series timeline.

Context: What is the 'Frozen' franchise all about?

The script revolves around Arendelle kingdom and its princesses.

The two sisters have been separated by a tragic twist of fate, in which the elder sister Elsa realizes that her magical powers of controlling ice and snow can harm everyone.

She isolates herself and there starts her younger sister Anna's quest to bring Elsa back to normalcy.

The first film was released in 2013.

Popularity: Why choose Olaf: He is cute, innocent, funny, sincere

Olaf, being one of Elsa's myriad magical creations, is full of positivity.

He guides Anna and her companion to bring her back home.

His naïve personality is too cute to ignore as he aches for a nose in the first film, only to settle for a carrot.

His bunny teeth, rotating head and sincerity make him stand out from the other troubled characters.

Details: Not the only one, there are multiple Olaf films

Disney believes that Once Upon A Snowman, being the third Olaf-centric title in the Frozen series, will be a hit.

In 2015, short film Frozen Fever released featuring Olaf as one of the leading characters.

Then came the 22-minute-long Olaf's Frozen Adventure two years later.

Disney made pandemic special for children by releasing animated 21-episode series At Home with Olaf on YouTube.