Fundraiser for Black Lives Matter protesters nears one million pounds

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
A fundraiser for Black Live Matters UK has neared £1million. (PA)

A crowdfunding campaign to raise money for Black Lives Matter UK has raised more than £800,000 within 10 days - as donations continue to pour in.

The fundraiser was set up to support the movement in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of US police in Minnesota on May 25.

Scores of BAME charities have seen donations increasing on the back of the raised awareness.

In the UK, this has been helped by a series of high profile marches in London, Bristol and Birmingham.

Since being set up on June 2, the fundraiser has smashed its initial target of £500,000 - with the campaign expected to hit £1 million. So far, more than 30,500 people have donated to BLM.

Donations to the Black Lives Matter movement have increased following a series of high profile protests in London, Bristol and Birmingham. (PA)

The organisation said the UKBLM fund is an “evolving fund to support black life against institutional racism and enable radical reimagining/knowledge production from within our communities.”

The group’s GoFundMe page reads: “Black Lives Matter UK (BLMUK) is a coalition of black activists and organisers across the UK. We’ve been organising since 2016 for justice in our communities. 

”We’re guided by a commitment to dismantle imperialism, capitalism, white-supremacy, patriarchy and the state structures that disproportionately harm black people in Britain and around the world.

“We build deep relationships across the diaspora and strategise to challenge the rise of the authoritarian right-wing across the world, from Brazil to Britain.”

Money raised will be used towards a range of causes and projects, including campaigning for changes in law, educational resources, police monitoring and supporting black communities impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

Proceeds from the campaign will also go to United Family & Friends Campaign (UFFC), an organisation that supports family and friends of people who died in police, prison and psychiatric custody.

John Boyega addresses Black Lives Matter protest rally in Hyde Park, London. (PA)

A host of high-profile celebrities have voiced their support for the movement - including Star Wars actor John Boyega, who addressed crowds at the recent Hyde Park march in London.

Sports stars such as Anthony Joshua and Lewis Hamilton have also aired their support for the protest, with the F1 star posting a series of tweets to highlight the racial equality faced by people of BAME (Black Asian Minority and Ethnic) origin.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter organisers have cancelled a protest in London’s Hyde Park over fears it would be hijacked by far-right groups.

Former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson has expressed support for calls by the Democratic Football Lads Alliance for people to travel to the capital to protect monuments.

BLM LDN said a planned protest in Hyde Park on Saturday was cancelled - although a similar event today will still go ahead.

“We want the protests to be a safe space for people to attend however we don’t think it’ll be possible with people like them present,” an Instagram post said.

Protesters and police gather around Winston Churchill statue in Parliament Square during the Black Lives Matter protest rally in London on June 7. (AP)

A series of monuments have been targeted in recent weeks, including a Bristol monument to slave trader Edward Colston being toppled and dumped into the harbour.

In London, a statue of Winston Churchill in Whitehall was also daubed in graffiti to say he was “a racist”.

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