Gabriela Luersen, the Mindset Queen, Shows Women How To Feel Like the ‘Queen They Were Born To Be’ and Magnetically Grow Their Life and Business

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Gabriela Luersen (@gabrielaluersen) is not only one of Australia’s leading Mindset Coaches, but she’s also an intelligent and incredibly down-to-earth woman, who like her clients, has overcome a lot of adversaries herself. She is the founder of Empowering Female Minds - the movement that already impacted thousands of women worldwide.

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Born and raised in Brazil and had been to over twenty countries around the world, she speaks five languages and calls Australia home. Gabriela had been obsessed with psychology ever since she was a teenager and had never stopped being curious about the human mind, even in the present.

With more than a decade of study in human behavior, gone through University, and being a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Gabriela has made a massive difference in women’s lives worldwide. And she is rapidly on her way to becoming an international reference on women’s empowerment.

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Combining various psychological methodologies makes up her unique coaching program that not only changes women’s lives for the better but also creates a culture of elite women who has “Queen Mentality” and takes action towards achieving their personal and business goals. Moreover, Gabriela’s coaching program makes a community wherein women gain unlimited support from like-minded individuals who wants to become the best version of themselves and grow their brand or business with ease.

"Women have been playing small for too long. Society brews women to feel insecure and unwanted. I am changing that. The more confident women we have, the more we can impact and change this world into a better place. I'm here to make sure that happens and, with that, create an immense impact. Every woman that comes my way gets the results she came in for and is never the same again," Gabriela said in her confidence activation 7-day program.

Her bold personality remarkably coincides with her unique coaching style, which her many satisfied clients prove to be true. One of her clients commented, "Gaby is a powerhouse; she never stops. Truly inspiring. Her program changed my life and my business in ways I never thought were possible. I am the most confident I have ever been."

“The sky is not the limit; your mind is. That's why I founded empowering female minds - Gabriela Luersen.

Interested in Gabriela’s mind-blowing mindset program? Visit her website at or her socials.

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