Gabriella Demetriades Says Lockdown Gave Her Undivided Time with 10-month-old Son

Arjun Rampal's girlfriend and an ex-model turned actress Gabriella Demetriades gave birth to their son Arik 10 months ago. But the South African beauty didn't let pregnancy stop her from chasing her dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

"I was working even when I was 9 months pregnant. After I became a mother, I still continued to work and shared responsibilities of raising my son Arik with Arjun," says Gabriella, who's in a way glad that this lockdown gave her an opportunity to spend time with her now 10 month old baby boy.

“It's a blessing that with this lockdown he got my undivided attention. I spend a lot of time with him. I show him so many games, but he gets busy with whatever he wants to play with. He stumbles a lot as he has started crawling fast these days," she told Times of India.

Arjun and Gabriella decided to name their son Arik, which in Sanskrit means ruler of rulers. "We just loved the name. We were looking for something which was easy to pronounce (laughs).... I wanted to name him Ari, which is a Hebrew name. Then, Arjun came up with the name Arik."

The couple spent a good part of their lockdown days in Karjat, with their son, and returned to Mumbai recently.

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The 33-year-old loves to talk about her favourites on Instagram - her favourite spot in the house, favourite recipe and favourite person. Gabriella went through her wardrobe recently and picked out a satin, tie-up top, which might just be her new favourite.