Before you go gaga over the budget of LOTR’s TV adaptation, know that Indian TV show Porus also has a production cost of Rs 500 crore

Rajat Tripathi
Reportedly, the budget allocated for producing this ambitious Lord of the Rings series is a whopping Rs 650 crore.

To the delight of the legion of Lord of the Rings fans, Amazon announced that they are developing a series based on the books, which will be aired on their digital platform – Amazon Prime. The original will be set before the The Fellowship of the Ring. Reportedly, the budget allocated for producing this ambitious series is a whopping Rs 650 crore. That is quite a big budget project. The first season of Game of Thrones was, reportedly, made on a production budget of at least Rs 392 crore. Well, well, well…Looks like Indian TV is all set to be at par with the west soon. In case you didn’t know, a new TV show, titled Porus, is all set to debut on Sony TV on November 27. The budget of the TV show is estimated to be a whopping Rs 500 crore. We heard it straight from the production team of the show.

Porus has been shot extensively in Thailand, including some underwater sequences. The cast of the show – which is quite a spectacular ensemble – has gone through various training for months where they learnt underwater diving, sword fighting, horse back riding. During a set visit, BollywoodLife was told by the makers of Porus that India has never seen a show like this before. ALSO READ: Porus: These EXCLUSIVE pictures from the sets of India’s most expensive TV show will blow your mind away

The sets of the Macedonian era have been created in a small town in Gujarat. In fact, around 9 or 10 sets have been built in Umbergaon. The lavish sets include intricately designed huge courtyards of many kingdoms, one of which is built on water and even a replica of a pirate ship has been erected. This sure must have cost a huge amount of money to the production house. Let us see if all the hype about the show is actually worth it.