Gaining Weight This Monsoon? Try These Tips To Stay Healthy

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People across the country are enjoying the monsoon season. The onslaught of rains has also increased our craving for lip-smacking foods such as pakoras, samosas, and other delicacies. We need to be careful, too much oil-based foods can also lead to substantial weight gain during the season. But there are some tips which can help you control your weight during the monsoon.

Green tea

To keep a tab on your health, skip the traditional milk tea in the morning and instead opt for green tea or lemon tea. The alternatives increase your metabolism and lower your body weight. You can have low-calorie cookies with your green tea or lemon tea.

Choose your breakfast carefully

You should consider having healthier breakfasts and not focus on consuming too much calories in the morning. Low fat milk with sprouted grains are one of the options for your morning needs.

Seasonal food

It is important to include seasonal vegetables in your diet, however, it will be better if you consume them as salads instead of roasting or frying them. If you don’t want the salad or boiling option, you can cook them properly in less oil.

Light dinner

This is a no-brainer. Almost everyone knows the importance of having a light dinner. The heavier the night food will be, more are the chances of attracting health related issues. You can include veg soup, mixed veg and moong dal in your dinner. However, it is important to have your dinner at least two to three hours before sleeping.

Soaked almonds

Eating soaked almonds with an empty stomach keeps you healthy and controls your weight. Soaked almonds do not increase body fat.


Eating a banana is said to control your fast food craving. Seasonal fruits such as watermelon, mango and papaya always come in handy when you need to snack.

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