Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 ‘Dragonstone’ review: Lyanna Mormont and Arya Stark are the scene stealers of this blockbuster premiere

Gaurang Chauhan
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Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 ‘Dragonstone’ review: Lyanna Mormont and Arya Stark are the scene stealers of this blockbuster premiere

Winter is here...

After making us wait longer for than usual, the seventh season of Game Of Thrones finally returned. Even though it’ll last just 7 episodes, all the dies hard fans know, it’ll be totally worth it. With just 13 episodes left, stakes are gonna be high from episode 1. So let’s find out, how did the first episode go…

What’s It About

With Starks back being the King Of The North, led by Ned Stark’s bastard Jon Snow and Sansa Stark by his side, they are preparing their army and allies for the Winter, which is here and the White Walkers that are soon expected to arrive with it. While Jon is a righteous King and believe and follows what is right, Sansa is more of a practical one. They have their conflict, which leaves a smile on Little Finger’s face. The episode followed Bran’s journey to the wall, Euron Greyjoy to the King’s Landing, Sam’s chronicles being the maester in training, Hound’s face/off with fire and Daenerys Targaryen march to Dragonstone along with Tyrion Lannister. Also read: Dubai based bakery makes the world’s most expensive cake as a tribute to Game Of Thrones and its MVP Tyrion Lannister – watch video

What’s Hot

First thing first, Lyanna Mormont. Just one scene and one helluva speech she stole the show. Now that it is established, coming to the lesser mortals; from the very first scene itself, the show starts on a blockbuster note. I loved the way how they are slowly sowing the seed of disagreement between the two siblings, Jon Snow and Sansa Stark. Even though Jon is the King, Sansa knows that she is the one who saved him and helped him become the King, that is clearly visible in her attitude towards him. Even though after the disagreements they talk like how any sibling would, there is clearly an unspoken tension brewing among them. Jon is following Ned Stark’s path which Sansa is of opinion that he was noble but made stupid decision that got him killed.

My favourite character Little Finger didn’t have much to do except give out that cunning smile for the most part. Similar to Jon and Sansa there is an underlined conflict brewing between Cersei and Jamie and makers have shown it very slyly and smartly.

Being a premier episode the makers very adequately covered all the stories be it Bran, Jon, Cersei, Jamie, Daenerys, Samwell, Greyjoy, Hound, Arya and even the growing and powerful army of White Walkers.

But among all the only one I felt who had her priorities sorted for a quite sometime now is the badass Arya Stark. You are gonna totally love her, especially when she delivers the iconic line, “The North Remembers” and then to a group of soldiers, “I am going to kill the queen”.

The background score is once again effectively amazing and so are the visuals. The episode ended on a very subtle but glorifying note at Dragonstone (interestingly, the name of the episode). Also read: After Game Of Thrones, George RR Martin to adapt fantasy novel ‘Who Fears Death’ for a TV series

What’s Not

There is nothing much to not like in the premier episode except may be, I felt there should’ve been more Tyrion Lannister. In fact Tyrion Lannister, in my opinion, is their most valuable player and more scenes featuring “The God Of Tits And Wine” will add to the awesomeness of the show. Also, the episode was not very high on thrills and twists.  That was the only thing I felt was missing actually, the shock value but that can be passed considering it was the first and was a build up mostly of what to come next.

What To Do

You know you are gonna watch it, irrespective of whatever I say, but still here are the golden words, “Don’t Miss It At Any Cost”. After more than an year, the world’s most watched TV series returned and we are grateful for it. If you love the badassery of Arya Stark, if you love the arrogance of Cersei Lannister, if you love the righteousness of Jon Snow, if you love the no nonsense attitude of The Hound, if you love the way Tormund looks at Brienne of Tarth and if you love Lyanna Mormont (which of course you do), this is the episode for you.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Reviewed by Gaurang Chauhan

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