Game of Thrones season 7’s first episode is out and Twitter is tripping on Arya Stark and Ed Sheeran

Aarti Iyengar
All people can talk about it Ed Sheeran's much awaited cameo and Arya Stark! Here's what tweeple have to say about the Game of Thrones episode.

Finally, after waiting for over a year, the seventh season of HBO’s Game of Thrones has released the first episode. Ever since people got hands on the series’ first episode, spoilers have started flooding social media. All people can talk about it Ed Sheeran’s much awaited cameo and Arya Stark! Well, our reviewer has watched the first episode of the George RR Martin fantasy drama and he is left stumped. Arya has literally stolen hearts with just one scene where she says, “The North Remembers” and then to a group of soldiers, “I am going to kill the queen”. Twitter has been buzzing with GoT fanatics, putting up their favourite scenes from the episode. Now we didn’t want to geo anywhere near the show’s name on social media. However, there are certain memes and tweets we just can’t miss.

While tweeples haven’t given out all the spoilers of the first episode but they did reveal that Ed Sheeran will be seen in it. Okay, so one spoiler has been revealed. But the way Twitter is reacting to this is hilarious! They are using lyrics of the Grammy Award winning singer as they are making memes. It’s super funny. 9Gag actually made a meme by tweaking the lyrics of the hit song, Shape of You. This is how it goes, “The club isn’t the best place to find lover so the forest is where I go, me and my friends at the fire doing rum drinking fast then we talk slow.”  Don’t know about you but this one surely made us lol. Someone else also tweeted, “The club isn’t the best place to find a lover, so the Riverlands is where I go…” Damn we can’t wait to watch the episode now!

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Arya Stark + Ed Sheeran #GoTS7

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Our reviewer even wrote, “But among all the only one I felt who had her priorities sorted for a quite sometime now is the badass Arya Stark. You are gonna totally love her, especially when she delivers the iconic line, “The North Remembers” and then to a group of soldiers, “I am going to kill the queen”.” In case you missed out our review, you can check it out right here. Oh but you must tell us what your thoughts are on this Ed Sheeran + Arya Stark moment on GoT 7’s first episode. Stay tuned…