Gaming bizman Kejriwal shares life experiences in new book

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New Delhi, Nov 19 (PTI) Internet gaming entrepreneur Alok Kejriwal talks about principles of success and shares some of his spiritual experiences and the lessons that he learnt from them in his new book.

In 'The Cave', he shares intimate aspects of his life that bring meaning and balance to his journey as a successful digital entrepreneur.

A playbook of the principles of success that Kejriwal has acquired over the years, 'The Cave' details the opportunities that are available to us all, if only we follow our heart as much as we follow our mind, publishers Westland Publications said.

Kejriwal has met unusual and blessed holy men who uplifted him. He has also visited temples and sacred places where he had transformative experiences.

In November 2011, he visited a remote cave near Ranikhet in Uttarakhand that, he says, changed him forever.

According to Kejriwal, CEO and co-founder of Games2Win, he wants to debunk the myth that spirituality is for the old and retired and instead try and infuse its magic into the lives of the young adults as early as possible.

'I have noticed a sense of acute unhappiness amid most professionals today. The ambitions, aspirations and pressures of proving yourself and scaling the corporate ladder are crushing.

'Having experienced these pressures myself, I have found that the spiritual world and its scientific practices provide the perfect balm and antidote for burnouts and mental misery,' he said.

At the end of every chapter in 'The Cave', there is a simple exercise that seeks to help the reader fully understand the essence of the insights shared.

Kejriwal's first book was 'Why I Stopped Wearing My Socks'. PTI ZMN RDS RDS