Gauahar Khan, Kamya Panjabi Upset Over Eijaz Khan Getting Support in Bigg Boss 14 for 'Seniority'

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Gauahar Khan and Kamya Panjabi did not like that Farah Khan asked Bigg Boss 14 contestants to respect Eijaz Khan because he is senior to them. Gauahar believes that respect is "earned" and not given just because someone is senior. Not just Gauahar, even Kamya Punjabi did not agree with Farah’s argument.

Taking to Twitter, Gauahar wrote, “Respect is earned n not given bcoz of someone’s seniority!!!! I’m sorry the way someone talks to others is condescending n rowdy !!!! Where’s the respect then.” (sic)

Gauahar even reminded her Twitter fans about how Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia abused Gauahar behind her back and nobody said a single word to her. Former contestant Diandra Soares also reacted to her tweet and wrote, “Omg. Really. It's totally irked me that they going on & on about seniority. There have been seniors in every season from some field or another. 1st time this card is being played constantly.”

Recently, filmmaker Farah Khan entered the house as a judge to give the contestants a reality check. She appeared to support Eijaz and even praised him for being so patient and calm. Farah, however, bashed other contestants for behaving badly with Eijaz despite calling him a senior actor. “I see ageism in this. It is not out of respect that you guys call him a senior actor. Will you say that to Salman? He is at least 10 years elder to Eijaz, will you call him a senior actor? Don’t say these things and then bash Eijaz. Bash him alright, but do not say anything on his age,” Farah said during a task on Monday’s episode.