Gauahar Khan Slams Troll Who Accused Her of Not Condoling Hina Khan's Father's Demise

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Actress Gauahar Khan slammed an Instagram user on Wednesday after she was accused of not expressing sympathies to fellow actor Hina Khan who lost her father recently. The winner of the seventh season of Bigg Boss recently held a live session on her social media handle where she was having a fun interaction with her fans.

That was until a user wrote in the comments section that she did not even mention a solemn RIP message for her friend Hina who lost her father recently. The message left a jovial Gauahar irked, who quickly responded to the comment and said that she does not have to express all her messages on social media. The 37-year-old actress further mentioned that she is not a “fake person” who would put out a message like that on social media.

She further clarified that she did what she had to do and her connection with Hina is from her heart which she does not need to prove to “really silly people.” Gauahar, who also lost her father last month, requested the troll to keep their negativity to themselvesand not bring it on her social media handle. "I am an individual and I take my decisions on a personal level," said Gauahar.

The actress had held her live session just after her namaz and was seen in a green kurta and a white dupatta wrapped around her head. Gauahar mentioned in her reply to the troll that she reacts according to her feelings and Hina and her father are always in her prayers. She further sent out a strong message to trolls saying that she does not owe an explanation to them who only live their lives on social media and think just by putting a condolence on social media, they have done something great.

After she snubbed the troll, Gauahar also posted a screenshot of a message that she received from her friend Malvika Singh. In the screenshot, Gauahar’s friend expressed her respect for the actor who fights hate and sets an example for women facing similar situations.

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