GCS Media Launches New Branding Ventures

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GCS Media Relations is not only marketing hemp and lab tested CBD, but now they market an array of brands throughout the United States.

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GCSMediaRelations.com ( https://www.gcsmediarelations.com/ ) has opened the doors for people to market and brand their products and services through radio, podcasts, television, billboards, public relations and more.

In reality marketing has always been important to create brand awareness. There is no successful or profitable company that made money without people knowing about them. Even trending or viral social media threads needed attention to let consumers know they exist. In an interview with Freddy Rashid the CEO of GCS Media Relations, he expressed his ‘marketing 101’ tips.

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Freddy Rashid states that; “first off, it’s important to know your clients and deeply understand them. For example, if you are selling athletic shoes, then you must understand a variety of sports and fitness. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world have mostly perfected a service or product they were passionate about, or they invented something to better the industry they loved. Secondly, understand the team you hire. Make sure they understand your vision and goals. Lastly, know what your customers have purchased more of and what they haven't of. Be open to criticism. This will help you boom in sales when you perfect your services. Once you have done all of this, you have perfected your ‘organic’ branding and marketing. Through word-of-mouth and reviews people will know you have a great service or product. Now it is time to invest in you're marketing. You have to stand out so that more people know you exist,” - Freddy Rashid.

GCS Media Relations ‘marketing 101’ tips are very insightful and helpful for beginners. Marketing and branding is essential. Now with social media people can expose their brand easier, however, it is important to make sure you have a product and service that the consumers will love. Stand-out when competing against your competitors. No one was discovered without any kind of attention.

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