Geeta Hansaria: A foodie and specially a super woman is making a great name out there on Instagram

Kitchen is a place where a real artist defines his/her skills best, but it sounds phenomenal when a he/she gets recognition for the same. Geeta Hansaria is an ideal example for all those who are passionate about something.

Geeta Hansaria is a 44 year old super woman because it requires an ideal time to expound her work. She is a doctor, a chef,a blogger,a foodie, a poet,a content writer, and a very famous instagrammer. She was born and raised in Mumbai but after marriage she shifted to US, but last year she came back to India and is now working as a blogger and a content writer. Her journey is really riveting, because of her husband's interest in food she started with cooking and was so good at it that she usually shares a picture of it with her friends. she started her own Instagram handle ( where initially she used to post about food stuffs, like thali, various cuisines but last year her single post turned out to be her most popular post ever that made her grow on social media, a picture of slices of alphonso mango that went viral.Now currently she is having more than 44.7k followers on instagram and is popularly known as thali queen, viral queen etc.

Apart from this she also loves to write poems and hindi journal as well . What people like most is the rich simplicity in her presentation of food, though not a professional photographer but still carrying out a commendable craft. Her 9 year old daughter is her biggest supporter along with her husband and mother in law. She loves to explore street foods of various sites thus, she had been to numerous places for exploring and covering good food like of Mumbai, Amritsar, Delhi and Assam streets to have that essence of street food culture.

Her work is not at all plain sailing it requires a lot of hard work and time and her work speaks for her, the way she is exhibiting her skills in front of countless people is the proof of her long term dedication and passionate attitude. Still she has a lot of plans to execute on and willing to do more. We wish her all the best for her future.