From gender neutrality to sharenting: How parenting has changed over the decade

parenting trends, yearender 2019

Sharenting is the new normal. (Soruce: Thinkstock/Getty)

Parenting has evolved over the past decade, with assisted reproductive technology, surrogacy and concepts like sharenting become the new normal. We have rounded up some trends here:

Advancement in reproductive technology

For men and women unable to conceive naturally, technology has opened up various opportunities in the past decade to have a child, from uterine transplants to ovarian tissue freezing.

Eco-friendly products for babies

The deteriorating environmental conditions gave rise to eco-friendly products for babies from eco-friendly diapers to organic clothes for kids. There is more awareness among parents who adopt sustainable methods of living for their child's wellbeing.


This term refers to the growing trend of parents overusing social media to share things about their child, right from the time of their birth. Moms and dads have teamed up to form online communities for parents where they discuss and deliberate over parenting issues. Studies have shown how it has helped parents feel they are not alone in their predicament.

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Parenting with technology

Technology has become an integral part of our lives which has its impact on parenting and thereby the child too. Most of us own smartphones today so all knowledge about parenting is just a Google search away. Children too have started depending on mobile apps not just for recreation but education too.

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Gender neutrality

A lot of parents today are more sensitive to gender issues and are ensuring they treat daughters and sons equally. Children are being introduced to gender equality and diversity from a young age through films and books. These parents refrain from gendered parenting. Some are also consciously adopting a gender-neutral way of raising kids.