Genomic medicine may now provide aid to many ailments

Washington: From inflammatory bowel diseases to diabetes, advancement in medical science has opened doors in addressing many incurable health issues. Over the past 25 years, genetic discoveries have led to improved medical science that can enable doctors to provide better care to the affected.

The study — ‘A brief history of human disease genetics’ — reviews breakthroughs in association of specific genes with particular disorders, progress mostly driven by advances in technology and analytical approaches.

“The future of medicine will increasingly focus on delivering care that is tailored to an individual’s genetic makeup and patterns,” says Judy H Cho, MD, Dean of Translational Genetics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Director of The Charles Bronfman Institute for Personalised Medicine, and a co-author of the report. “Applying this knowledge will help us to enhance personalised health and medicine for patients at The Mount Sinai Hospital now and for years to come.”

The study tracks advance in genomics over the past two decades through better technology, expanded access to vast and diverse data, and the development of other foundational resources and tools.