George and Amal Clooney are even closer now that they have the twins

Aarti Iyengar
George Clooney and Amal Clooney's relationship has taken a loving turn with the birth of their babies.

George Clooney and Amal Clooney’s relationship has taken a loving turn with the birth of their babies. The couple have grown closer. Right before pregnancy, there were various reports that the couple were to call it quits. Their relationship took a tumultuous turn as rumours claimed that Amal wanted babies while George wasn’t ready for it. However, everything has changed now. A source told HollywoodLife, “He’s an amazing dad — it’s like he was born to be one. George and Amal (Clooney) are even closer now that they have the twins, and he’s filled with wonder at what an awesome mother she is, so loving, patient and kind.”

The couple are proud parents to Ella and Alexander. In fact, the Oceans actor has taken fatherhood pretty seriously by being there for the family. He is always alert about what’s happening with his babies, he ensures that they receive his maximum attention and yes, even works on a diaper duty! “George is a total hands-on dad, he changes the diapers, gets up for the midnight feeds, and is by the babies’ sides as soon as they start crying,” the source told the website and added, “They have slotted into family life so quickly, and George finds it hard now to remember what his life was like before Ella and Alexander arrived.” Our hearts just melted at the thought of it. Parenthood surely changes people!

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On Father’s Day, the actor chose to stay in and celebrate his first time as a dad, along with family. “The current plans are to stay at home and relax,” a different insider revealed to HollywoodLife. “Make it a complete bed day, and his focus will be on the babies and Amal. They will be getting the attention over him celebrating for himself,” concluded the source. All these quotes are actually making us fall for the silver fox even more! Oh well, that’s we call him. It’s really hard to imagine how things have changed in Clooney’s life since the birth of his twins. But it’s also nice to see how he is taking up major responsibilities of his kids.

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