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Changing Perspectives is a 501(c)3 non profit organization, founded on the idea that school doesn’t merely serve as a typical education place

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Social-Emotional Awareness with Changing Perspectives by Sam Drazin
Social-Emotional Awareness with Changing Perspectives by Sam Drazin
Social-Emotional Awareness with Changing Perspectives by Sam Drazin

Essex, Vermont, Nov. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It’s no secret that schools have not always been the kindest place historically for kids of all ages. Between the pressure of making friends and keeping up with trends, it’s hard to learn to fit in, and over the past decade, schools have worked tirelessly to try and create friendlier and safer environments for young kids and teens alike. With anti-drug and anti-bullying campaigns, schools have made strides at becoming warmer for kids of all shapes and sizes, but now they need to take it a step further, and Changing Perspectives has just the way to do it.

Changing Perspectives is a 501(c)3 non profit organziation, founded on the idea that school doesn’t merely serve as a typical education place. Of course, basic knowledge is a staple of learning in school, but something else is learned in school, vital social-emotional concepts that help create more well-rounded youths. Empathy, inclusion, acceptance are all things that must be taught to young kids rather than being expected to know it already. While yes, home life must support this growth, schools are not and should not be exempt from teaching children how to be educated and intelligent, but kind and empathetic.

There are countless differences between children in schools, and every student is different with varying needs. Founder, Sam Drazin understands the importance of knowing and understanding these differences, but not merely that. He also emphasizes that schools should actively participate in the education process regarding emotional intelligence and being inclusive. Students with disabilities especially are prone to feeling left out inadvertently, and Changing Perspectives aims to mitigate those feelings by establishing more inclusive programs at schools to help break down divides that create that disconnect. With schools being completely remote, this disconnect is severely crippling students’ ability to gain that social-emotional understanding that they would otherwise get from being in a classroom.

These disconnects lead to an unfortunate isolated feeling in these students, which only stunts potential growth further. Changing Perspectives aims to eliminate and mitigate these problems by introducing programs that promote inclusivity and social education in schools. The organization offers consultations and guidance on this prospect. It boasts many successes with other schools thanks to a competent board of directors and dedicated partners, all working together and setting an example. The organization primarily focuses on ensuring that students can get that social-emotional learning experience they’ve otherwise been robbed of due to school experience restrictions due to COVID.

Changing Perspectives has worked with countless schools and partner organizations to create widespread awareness and trends of highly developed programs within schools to encourage students to be more inclusive of their peers and promote a growth in the education of social-emotional elements that would otherwise be lost. These are all critical elements to their process and how they help better the schools they work with.

Thanks to a dedicated team of professionals in the educational field working together to help develop these programs, Changing Perspectives not only assists schools in establishing and maintaining their programs but helps guide both faculty and students through the process. They also assist in a variety of areas such as students and parents and educators themselves and how they play a role in the process.

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