Ghaint Geet and Music Digital, The Company Behind the Success of Many Songs and Artists


Currently distribution, branding, promotion and Digital marketing are becoming the essentials to succeed today for any artist. Smart work can help any businessman earn fast and big due to digital marketing and for that, you need a person or company with sound knowledge who can work smartly and make a solid campaign for online marketing, you need to know how industries to take you from zero to millionaire and turn anyone into a star. We are talking here about the Indian Digital Entrepreneur Hardeepak Singh and his cousin Mandeep Singh (Mani Thind) who own Ghaint Geet (Ghaint Geet LTD) and Music Digital (Music Digital LTD) in the United Kingdom.

Ghaint Geet, otherwise known as, Ghaint Geet LTD is the leading distribution, artist management and digital solutions company who are dominating the Punjabi Music Industry. The venture was started out by the 19-year-old, Hardeepak Singh who formally runs the whole business alongside his cousin-brother Mandeep Singh (Mani Thind) who handles the Music Production side of the business. The business was officially started last year in February 2019.

Hardeepak Singh is only 19 years old and is a well-known name in the Punjabi music industry together with his companies named Ghaint Geet and Music Digital. They haveworked with names like Sukh Sandhu (Singer & Lyricist), Jass Bajwa, Shehnaz Gill and other names like this in the industry. The company has gained a lot of success within a year of being open. And this is all down to the hard work Hardeepak Singh has put in. The companies started out by providing digital music distribution to singers and the company has accumulated over 8 million digital streams across all paid music platforms within since the company has opened.

Mandeep Singh (Mani Thind) is the other founder of the company Ghaint Geet. Mandeep handles the Music Production side of the business as the company has transformed from being just a digital music distributor to now being a record label, music distributor, artist management and promotions. Furthermore, Mandeep’s role within the business is to hunt for new talent and bring them forward to the world.

Hardeepak Singh announced the company’s new venture which is named Music Digital (Music Digital LTD) which will be the name used for digital solutions and a white label music distribution company for other labels and artists as the Ghaint Geet brand is now a record label alongside it’s other services that they offer.

Both Hardeepak and Mandeep have faced a lot of struggles and difficulties since they have opened the company, but it’s been their determination, hard work and their perseverance which has made them come out on top today! Slow but for sure, the voices of these aspirers reached out to people and the appreciation, has been amazing. They took every opportunity and risk they could take, and it is for that reason, their platform which started on such a small scale has now started being approached by many big artists and companies.

Hardeepak stated, “We might be 2 heads, 4 arms and 4 legs but there is something which people don’t see within us and our bond. There is respect, there is value, there is love, care and concern and no matter how much of differences we might carry, at the end of the day, we are a team. We started together and we will lead together. We will always support each other as we did and that is the reason why we are on top today.”

This was truly something heart touching to hear out. Something which shows no matter they have a single follower This was truly something heart touching to hear out. Something which shows no matter they have a single follower or 100,000 followers, some people are never ready to step back from setting an example for people out there.

Furthermore, Hardeepak is a true inspiration to teenagers and adults because he was able to achieve things in such a small amount of time and at such a young age and would like to continue inspiring others so that they are able to achieve something like this for themselves.

These example setters, from handling social accounts to providing SEO optimization services for the videos to music distribution, they never fail to step back a little and show the world that there is still someone who will cares about you the artists and singers and will make you known to the unknows at any cost. Hard work is your part and making the world known about the same thing is the part of “Ghaint Geet” and “Music Digital”.

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