Two men arrested after girl, 10, has knife held to throat by Glasgow dognappers

The cage from which eight XL Bulldog puppies were stolen from during an armed robbery (SWNS)

A traumatised mum told how she feared someone would be killed as armed thugs tried to break down her bedroom door using a machete, in a bid to steal eight puppies.

Two men have now been arrested after Leanne Hodge, 34, and her family were woken in the early hours of the morning by a gang of dognappers.

Leanne and her 17-year-old daughter hid in a bedroom, where her two-year-old son was sleeping - but her strong-willed ten-year-old daughter went downstairs to confront the men.

The brave schoolgirl tried to convince the men that no-one was at home at the house in Barlia Drive, Castlemilk, Glasgow, where 16 Bulldog Cross puppies were being cared for.

Leeanne Hodge, 34, from Barlia Drive, Castlemilk, Glasgow, holding XL Bulldog puppies

Police arrested a 19-year-old man and said on Thursday a second man aged 33 had been arrested in connection with robbery, vandalism and theft.

They were due to appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Thursday.

It is alleged that one of the thieves held a knife to the child’s throat - and her mum believes that if the men had managed to get into the bedroom, someone would have been killed.

Mum-of-three Leanne said: “We all got into my room, I phoned the police and tried to keep my door shut.

"My ten-year-old went up to them and started telling them that there was no one in the house.

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"They held a knife to her throat and she eventually managed to run to her gran’s.

"They tried to push our bedroom door so it would open and I saw a big machete through the door.

"But we managed to keep it shut.

Damage to the house done during the robbery (SWNS)

"If they managed to get in that room, there would have been a murder.

"It was all absolutely disgusting.

"You are meant to feel safe in your own home and people like that think it's OK to break down your door and just come in.

"They've terrorised my family for no reason, it absolutely disgusts me.

"It makes me feel so scared for my children.

"My ten-year-old can't stop being sick, she's even scared to go to the toilet herself.

"My 17-year-old is petrified.”

Her little boy slept through the terrifying raid - but Leanne, who works as a carer, said the bungling raiders abandoned their weapons as they fled.

She added: "They dropped a machete and a hammer.

"The rubber gloves that they used, they dropped them in the house.

Eight of the16 puppies were stolen (SWNS)

"The keys for the car were at the back of the door, so I think they just smashed the car to try and cause damage."

And she issued a heartfelt plea for the eight stolen puppies to be returned.

Leanne added: "They stole eight puppies, they are £1,000 each.

"We had a total of 16 puppies and eight of them got stolen.

"We need those puppies back otherwise they will die.

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