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In the middle of the most beautiful open field you've ever seen…with sprawling green grass for miles, clear blue sky, the sun shining bright, and then we have Kajol prancing about in a Christian bridal attire – like why oh why? Honestly, I'll pass on a chunk of this epic fashion fail to the 90s direction too.

From 'Girl-next-door' to 'Who's that girl | Kajol's transformation into a fashionista

Never the quintessential Bollywood heroine with fair skin and lighter eyes, never the one to have eyebrows on flick, and yet Kajol managed to own the box office like nobody’s business.

It was when the Hindi film industry was still indecisive between the conservative and the bold, when struggling actresses like Mamata Kulkarni and Sonali Bendre, and even successful ones like Karishma Kapoor and Raveen Tondon valued the power of style and fashion, Kajol couldnt be bothered much.

The very actress is a mother of two now, but at 43, one has to admit, Kajol is reliving her youth, the way she never did at 18.