The Girl who took a leap of faith and became an Influencer: Shrutika Subhash

Sometimes we live like Clark Kent, unaware of our superpowers, unaware of our great calling to impact lives. This was the case with Shrutika Subhash Das a 16-year-old girl who lived a few miles away from the city of dreams. She was just your regular millennial who was putting photos on Instagram like everyone else. But little did she know that there was something greater brimming inside of her. Fate started to unfold itself and one of her friends extended a helping hand did her photoshoot free of cost when she wanted to grow her Instagram. “He supported me a lot and it was because of his support my followers grew to a whole different level,” Shrutika confess with humble gratitude. Those photoshoots gave a major boost to her Instagram handle Shrutik_official and soon her inbox blew away with DMs from photographers who wanted to collaborate with her.

Every Hero has a defining moment, a moment when their one decision can change their life forever, Shurtika was faced that defining the moment when she was approached by an influencer marketing agency for a project. She said yes to the project but when she got off the call, fear and doubt started to creep in, “Will I be able to do it?” Despite the fear, Shrutika took a leap of faith and that leap was what launched her towards her greater destiny. The 19-year-old influencer became a testament that if you stand tall in front of the giant of self-doubt and take a leap of faith despite the fear you will land in places that you could never imagine.

Shurtika finished the campaign with finesse and soon rivers of many other campaigns came flowing to her. Her influence started to grow so did her followers and now Shurtika is one the most sought-after influencer in India.