Girlfriend Stages Fake Funeral of Cheating Boyfriend as 'Revenge' Against His Mistress

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A woman, who claimed that her partner was cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend, convinced the latter that the man died, and even organised a fake funeral to make it seem real. According to the Mirror, Thea Loveridge, a TikTok user, uploaded a video on the platform, detailing her 'evil' plan to get back at her 'cheating' boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend who Thea accused of causing drama in their relationship.

In the clip, Thea revealed that she discovered her partner's truth only after giving birth to their son, and claimed that her man cheated on her the entire time she was pregnant.

However, her boyfriend was jailed shortly after the discovery of his cheating behaviour, Thea said in the video.

Now to get back at her partner's ex, who was messaging him to know of his whereabouts, Thea told her that he was dead. To make the plan foolproof, Thea took his boyfriend's sister in confidence for the plan. His sister readily agreed to be a part of the fake funeral.

Thea held a fake funeral of her imprisoned boyfriend in real settings, and even posted pictures on social media, making for a believable scenario.

Towards the end of her TikTok video, Thea revealed that it's been three years and the ex-girlfriend still thinks he's dead.

Thea then said that the woman, with whom her partner was cheating, was so convinced with her plan that she even pays tribute every year for the "love of her life", by remembering him on social media.

TikTok has become a tool for people to share their crazy, bizarre stories online and out-of-the-box content. The China-owned social media platform has gained massive user size since its inception. However, the Chinese mobile app was banned in India last year in wake of the deadly clashes in Ladakh following heightened tensions between the two countries.

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