Girls’ Generation Sooyoung Hinted Fans At A Possible Group Comeback?

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On December 18, Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung went down at Eun Ji’s Gayo Plaza and sat in Apink‘s Eunji‘s chair as DJ while she was gone on vacation.

During her time filling in as DJ, Sooyoung answered some questions from incoming callers where she was asked about Girls’ Generation’s comeback timing.

She replied to the caller by saying To our fans who are growing together with us, are you doing well? We’ll be sure to greet you soon.”

By this reply from Sooyoung Sones (Girls’ Generation’s fandom name) took the answer as a hint toward a possible comeback for the girl group. But she didn’t give an exact answer.

In 2018 it was Girls’ Generation’s comeback from their sub-unit Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG. sub-unit Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG which was theirgreat success. The sub-unit consisted of Taeyeon, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sunny.

The group members was seen many time posting pictures together on social media and fans love seeing the group still remain close while the members are doing their own activities.

Sooyoung is currently starring in the newly released drama Run On. Fans are still hoping for the comeback of the whole group soon after they finishing their solo activities.

To watch Sooyoung as DJ on Eun Ji’s Gayo Plaza here is the video below!!