Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Gets Scolded By A Fan For Spending Habits And Financial Situation

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Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon recetly had an online broadcast and chatted with her fans about buying ipad.

She took the opinions of her fans regarding what one can do with an iPad, she received mixed reviews from fans.

One fan suggested not buying something if she was contemplating it…

“If you’re going back and forth about buying it, don’t buy it.”

one young fan’s scolded Taeyeon regarding her money management gained significant attention among the online community. Fan strictly said, “Unnie, don’t buy it and save the money. For your later years…”

In response, Taeyeon’s eyes grew wide and she couldn’t help but express her surprise. She responded,”Oh, wow.”

So the fan’s concern towards Taeyeon left others leaving comments such as “I can’t believe she’s worried about Taeyeon’s later years…“, and “She probably has more than enough money to spend in her later years“.