'Who gives you the right to burn buses and create ruckus?': Kangana Ranaut opens up on CAA protests

Kangana Ranaut was present for the trailer launch of her film Panga. The actress, who is known to take a stand was asked about the ongoing protest against CAA.Kangana said, "I have many things to say and if I start talking then it will go on for a night. When you protest you should not resort to violence. In our country three to four per cent people pay taxes while the rest of them live off it so what gives you the right to burn buses and to create a ruckus. This should be looked into. As one bus costs Rs 70 to 90 lakh and this is not a small amount. There are people who are dying of malnutrition it is not reasonable for people to indulge in violence. This is my personal opinion, people are still hung on to the pre-Independence era.

"In the pre-independence era, people used to force us with the help of arms and that time protest used to be cool. Today in a democratic country you have chosen a leader and he has not come from Italy or Japan. He is completing promises which he has said in his manifesto. Like if my one film works then you can say it was because of luck so if my 10 films have worked then you have to give some credit to me I am here because of my merit You can't be a sore loser. There is a lot to say It is better we don't drift into a different direction and stay where we are.

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