He Is Giving Away 10 Cars, 1 House And RM 1.28 Million To Anybody Who Can Win His Daughter’s Heart

Syeda Farah Noor

We often read several stories of people who are willing to pay excess money to the man/woman who would marry their gay kids. Well, this case is similar but the only difference is that the girl is just willing to get married as per her dad's wishes!

This is a case of a father who is willing to give a house, 10 cars and RM 1.28 Million to a man who would win his daughter's heart.

Check out the details of this case.

The Dad Posted It On Facebook!

The dad named Anont Rotthong has made a post that has gone viral after he pledged to give 10 cars, a house, and 10 Million Baht which is approximately RM 1.28 Million to the man who can win his daughter's heart.

More Details About The Post

Along with the offerings this businessman had, he shared the pictures of his 27-year-old daughter, as well as himself. The father-daughter duo were surrounded by stacks of cash, and a small chunk of his undoubtedly expensive gold collection in the picture.

He Wishes To Marry Off His Youngest Daughter In The Most Unique Way

The businessman believes that he is older now and he wishes that he finds a worthy suitor for his youngest daughter and he wishes to pass on his durian trade and export business to the next generation by gifting them the business at the wedding.

The Daughter’s Wishes

Since the time the post went viral, the father's phone has been constantly ringing with proposals, and they are also getting invites from men of all ages as men have been trying their best to please his daughter. On the other hand, when she was questioned about her dad's post she said that she respects him and would go ahead with the choice he would make.

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