‘Glad He Found Love Again’: Son Shares Pictures From Father’s Remarriage, Netizens Shower Their Love

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It is always a matter of joy when two people find love in each other. But finding the acceptance of your loved ones if you are getting into an unconventional marriage is certainly cherry on the cake. A twitter user named Shayon shared a picture of his family, informing everyone that his father got married recently.

Shayon added that the ceremony was attended by close friends and family. Keeping in mind the Covid-19 situation, people were wearing masks at the ceremony most of the time, as informed by Shayon. “It was both surreal and fun. After 10 years of being alone since my mom died, I’m glad that he found love again!” he said.

The garlanded bride and groom were standing in the centre of the picture with their families accompanying them.

Twitter user Rituparna Chatterjee commented, “You're a good man, Shayon. May there be more like you.” Many other users agreed with her with one writing ‘definitely’ in response to her comment.

Another person congratulated Shayon’s father. Commenting on the fact that it was Shayon’s father's second marriage, the user said that he has not had the chance to get married for the first time. To this comment, Shayon sportingly responded that the person should take his father’s number and get some dating tips from him.

Surprised by the overwhelming number of comments and likes, as a token of gratitude, Shayon added another picture of the couple. With a floral background, the newly-wedded couple were exuding love, smiling and looking at each other.

Seeing this picture, another user congratulated Shayon and told him it was the most beautiful thing on the internet.

Many people were happy to see the picture of Shayon’s dad with his wife. One user said, “Wow They look all love and adorable.”

This unique tale of finding love again sure tugs at one's heartstrings. Shayon's tweet has received many accolades and people showered love on the family.