The Glam and Admiring Career of the Fashion Beauty With Brains - Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe

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"I believe life is all about living fully- we are made to live our dream life"- the beautiful and inspiring phrase has been said by the resonating fashion model Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe, an international fashion icon with a passion for beauty, cultures, health and traveling.

There's no rocket science in the fact that we all, at one point or the other in life, admire models, their attitude, poise, glam, and charm. One such inspiration for today's generation is Jasmine Sidibe, the conquistador of multiple beauty competitions.

The story of a hit sensation-

Sidibe has her roots in Sweden and Guinea. She was born on 19th July 1991, in the small town of Gothenburg, Sweden. Like many other teenage girls, Jasmine, in her early teenage years, was constantly exposed to what is acceptable by society and what is not. But unlike many other people, she never chose to quit. Her determination, patience, talent, and strong will to become a successful woman ultimately served her later in the future.

Sidibe, in her early teenage, had different thoughts, ideas, and energy running inside her mind. She never stopped learning new things, experimenting, and being creative. Jasmine was just a 14 years old innocent girl when she received her first invitation for casting in her hometown. Though she was a shy schoolgirl, she was not nervous in front of the camera. It was at that moment when she realized that she wants to get into the world of fashion and modeling.

But life's interesting journey never follows a straight path. As the moon awaits till dawn to shine bright in the sky, similarly it was a period of patience for Jasmine to shine bright and become a world-famous model with numerous beauty crowns.

Last year, in an interview with the Fletna, a Korean skincare brand, Jasmine revealed her struggle when she had to take a break from modeling because of the scars and acne-prone skin. She related her problem with all other youngsters who have been through the same. She has also talked about her diet which includes chicken, fish, fruits, and vegetables of all colors. Being a fashion icon and an active girl, she has considered skin and health care as an essential part of her career and well-being.

Career and Current profession-

Jasmine has always loved to travel and see the beauty of the world as it takes her out of her comfort zone. Her interest in traveling and photography made her choose and end up loving modeling. She was just 17 when she left her home to follow her dreams.

Sidibe's name is now associated with the world's top fashion magazines.

Her numerous achievements in beauty pageants include-

  • Miss Africa (Miss Model of the World 2011)

  • Miss Photogenic (Miss Exclusive of the World, 2012)

  • 3rd runner up of Miss Globe International

  • Miss Best figure (Miss Bikini, 2013)

  • Top 8 contestant of Miss Super talent of the World, 2016

  • 3rd runner-up of Miss Summer, 2017

The bold, beautiful, and fun-loving ocean girl, even after having a busy schedule, can be found indulging in charity works for the WWF and UNESCO, and pursuing her dreams in photography, swimming, singing, writing, etc. She has planned to launch her music album soon.

Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe has broken all the stereotypes and has come up as an inspiration to all those women and teenagers who are dreaming to enter the world of fashion and modeling. She has set an example as nothing is impossible if you dream for it, and push yourself to achieve it. From transferring her shyness as a child to her boldness in adulthood, and becoming an ocean girl who has done numerous swimwear shoots for top brands, Jasmine has shown a path to millions about how to live life to the fullest and has empowered millions of women around the globe.

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