Glamour model Nicola McLean feels 'violated' after sexy photos stolen and shared on adult sites

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
Nicola McLean has had her glamour modelling photos stolen by hackers (Credit: Invision AP Images)

Nicola McLean has confessed she feels “violated” after having glamour modelling shots stolen by hackers and posted on X-rated websites.

The former Page Three girl and star of I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! told the SunOnline how the agency she sold her sexy snaps to had been hacked, and now her photos are being used without her consent.

McLean, 37, explained: "I feel so bad for anyone who does those kind of pictures or videos on their phone that has been hacked.

"When people get hacked, I usually go ‘Oh they have definitely leaked that themselves’- and I’m sure there definitely is a bit of that going on, but genuinely not even my own iCloud has been hacked - the biggest picture agency has!

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"Now my pictures are on a proper porn site that has all the celebrities’ sex tapes and stuff. It’s really bad the way that they can just do it and just get away with it."

The Celebrity Big Brother star and Jeremy Vine presenter - who has two sons with footballer husband Tom Williams - explained her glamour modelling pictures were a long way from pornography.

Nicola McLean is evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house on February 3, 2017 in Borehamwood, United Kingdom. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

McLean said: "Yes, I was a Page Three girl and more than happy to be one. But I’ve never done any kind of nude modelling in that way. I have always kept it kind of PG, if that’s possible being a page three girl.

"Now my pictures are on a porn site. It is violating."

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Asked what the pictures reveal, McLean explained: "No topless, no nipples as I don’t do that anymore. I’m way too old and have a teenage son so don’t think that he would appreciate that."

She added: "I’m not worried about the images being out there, as I was quite clearly happy about them being out there, but it’s just really the violation of the fact that you have no control where they go."

Other celebrities to have had their photos leaked by hackers include Emma Watson and Nicole Scherzinger. Earlier this year when former Disney channel actress Bella Thorne learned she had been hacked, she published her own nude photos in defiance of her blackmailers.