Glassdoor reveals the spookiest jobs ahead of Halloween

Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites, has reviewed its millions of job listings and compiled a list of scary careers ahead of Halloween. Photo: Inigo De la Maza/Unsplash

From blood to dead animals, crime scene investigations to pythons, it’s fair to say some job roles come with responsibilities that would give many of us the creeps.

Jobsite Glassdoor has reviewed millions of job listings to compile a list of “scary” careers ahead of Halloween.

Joe Wiggins, Glassdoor’s director, said: “We currently have a very healthy jobs market in the UK, with unemployment at a long-time low. Our top spooky jobs highlight some of the more interesting roles open to jobseekers as we approach Halloween.”

The top ‘spooky’ jobs in Britain


Haematologists specialise in the study of blood and blood diseases. This means they spend a lot of time in the laboratory looking at blood samples, as well as organs that produce blood – bone marrow, lymphoid tissues, the thymus and the spleen.

Forensic analyst

Some forensic analysts spend a lot of time at crime scenes, taking photos, recording observations and collecting evidence, from weapons to finger prints to bodily fluids. Others spend more time in the lab, analysing such evidence, depending on the route they have taken.

Forensic analysts can specialise in all kinds of things, such as blood splatter, DNA analysis, facial identification, and much else.

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Butchers don’t just sell meat. More often than not, they are responsible for cutting, boning, grinding and dressing it themselves.

For this, they need to have expert knowledge of the animal or animals they are working with – and access to special cutlery and high-powered equipment, such as an electric grinder and band saw.

Pest control technician

Pest control have to deal with all kinds of creatures, like these subterranean termites found in south Florida. Source: TNS/SIPA USA/PA Images

Pest control technicians are responsible for getting vermin and creepy crawlies, such as rats, mice, roaches, spiders, termites, ants and bedbugs out people’s properties.

If using traps, pesticides, your wits, and occasionally “strange” devices to get “scary” creatures out of people’s homes sounds appealing to you, pest control might be a good job for you.

Python developer

This job has nothing to do with snakes. In fact, it’s a tech role. As a python developer, your job would be to use the Python programming language – used in computer programming since 1991 – to write and test code, debug programmes and implement them with third-party web services. Sure does sound scary though.

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Hackers are not always the ‘baddies’ they can seem in films or during major IT data breaches.

Ethical hackers or ‘penetration testers’ work in IT security. They get paid to test and exploit vulnerabilities in a company’s IT infrastructure so it can be fixed before any real hackers find them.

Debt collections agent

In what Glassdoor calls “scary economy” – and one that could get even scarier, as Brexit uncertainty continues to stoke recession fears – a debt collector can be “a very scary person.”

They collect money from people who have fallen into arrears on all kinds of payments, from credit card to personal loan to phone bills.