Glen Close Birthday Special: Fatal Attraction, Albert Nobbs, Hillbilly Elegy - Eight Movies That Got The Actress Nominated At The Oscars

Moumita Bhattacharjee
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Glen Close made headlines recently when she got nominated for both the Oscars and Razzies for the same role. We are obviously talking about Hillbilly Elegy, which's streaming on Netflix. She has been nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category at the Oscars while Razzies has added her to the list of Worst Supporting Actress. It's like an ideal world where some like a movie and others don't and there's an award for all. Now just imagine how talented this woman is to have extreme reactions from the award ceremony juries. She is one of the most-nominated actresses for the Oscars without winning any even when she had won several other awards from Tonys to Emmys to Golden Globes. Entertainment News | Gwyneth Paltrow’s 1999 Oscar Win ‘didn’t Make Sense’, Says Glenn Close

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On her birthday today, we will discuss eight times Glen Close was nominated for the Oscars.

Jenny Fields - The World According to Garp

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Close's debut film has her playing a mother to a boy who fights all his life to get out of his mother's overbearing shadow. She was a strong feminist who wanted a child, not a husband. While many won't agree with the way her character conceives Garp, you can't deny she played the role of Jenny Fields convincingly.

Sarah Cooper - The Big Chill

Close is Sarah a baby boomer who invites her college friends over to her place after the demise of a common friend. This was her second movie and her second Best Supporting Actress nomination. Need we say more?

Iris Gaines - The Natural

The loving and supportive lover of a baseball player, Close as Iris was a sight to behold in his movie. She is the perfect contrast this dark movie needed and guess that's what won her the third consecutive Best Supporting Actress nomination.

Alex Forrest - Fatal Attraction

She is obsessed and damagingly possessive about her lover Dan (Michael Douglas) which spells her doom. If you want to get a better understanding of how brilliant she is, check out the alternate or rather the original ending where she slits her throat to die by suicide.

Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil - Dangerous Liaisons

Close slips into the role of a manipulative Marquise so effortlessly that the whole movie benefitted from it. She is as sexually violent as she was in Fatal Attraction but this movie gave her character the scope to explore more rather than being a one-dimensional stalker.


Albert Nobbs - Albert Nobbs

It doesn't get better than this. Anybody who is not familiar with Close or her work will easily accept her to be a man with a feminine personality. Her transformation as a male butler is so eye-pleasing that you would want to watch the movie again after the first viewing. Do note the scene where she talks to herself...what a fantastic film and performance!




Joan Castleman - The Wife

Joan Castleman is a dutiful and sacrificing wife but that doesn't turn her life into a paradise. Close gave such a beautiful performance narrating the character's struggle, pain, happiness and helplessness that many of us can easily relate to it. To think that she didn't get the Oscar for it even after getting nominated really hurts.

Mamaw - Hillbilly Elegy

An emotional anchor to an abused kid J D but Close's version of tough love does get in the way of raising the kid. It is perhaps one of the highlights of the movie that otherwise didn't get much love from the critics. She won her eighth Oscar nomination with this movie.