This Goa hotel has been named India's Leading Boutique Hotel

The Postcard Cuelim is a six-room hotel overlooking 3500 acres of lush green paddy fields in Cuelim, Goa. At the World Travel Awards 2020, The Postcard Cuelim was named India’s Leading Boutique Hotel. The Postcard Cuelim is located in the sleepy and picturesque Goan village of Cuelim. At the heart of the property is a 350-year-old chapel that has been restored.

Bright, spacious, the rooms of The Postcard Cuelim are a modern take on the colonial way of life. Of the six rooms, the largest one is the Dr TB Da Cunha suite overlooking the iconic three kings chapel.

The beach is a 15-minute walk from the hotel which can also arrange for a guided tour for you. The local chefs will toss up some mean Goan meals – from fish, curry and rice to pork sorpotel and Xacutti. The Postcard Cuelim is where you'd want to work out of and spend the remainder of the year.