Godmothered Trailer: Jillian Bell Is the Clumsy Fairy-Godmother That Isla Fisher Did Not Ask For (Watch Video)

Rajat Tripathi
·2-min read

It is a time where fairies think that humans don't need fairy-godmothers any more in the upcoming film, Godmothered. In the newly released trailer, the orientation looks like an old and dusty government office, where employees know that the system will remain stagnant. But, then comes a chirpy new employee, a rookie who still believes in the old world charm, new approach and change. Jillian Bell is a clumsy fairy-Godmother who sets out to prove that humans can still use a little bit of magic. Disney+ Puts Out a Strong Disclaimer, Warns Against Stereotypes and Racism In Disney Classics.

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She meets Isla Fisher's character and reluctantly coerces herself into helping the human. You see, the fairy-Godmother was under the impression that she's supposed to help a "sad little girl Mckinsey Walsh". To her surprise, Isla is that girl but she's not a kid. Although, she IS sad; a broken marriage.

Magic begins! From fixing the Christmas lights to a raccoon helping with the household chores, the plot navigates a lot of fairy tale cliches. Isla even gets a royal gown, only when she LEAST needed it. "I've been trapped in a fairy tale when the real world is so much." The learning will come knocking on the door.

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Watch The Trailer For Godmothered Here:

Godmothered is a Disney+ original. So, you can sit back and relax at your home as you watch it. It is a family film, with the holiday theme, so prepare yourself. Even if you don't want to watch it, someone will make you. Disney Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Skips Theatrical Release; Animated Movie to Premiere on Disney Plus in Christmas 2020.

Godmothered is directed by Sharon Maguire, who has two Bridget Jones' films to her credit. So, you know what to expect. Although the plot does look like an overused template, we are still looking forward to it for the names attached to the project. Godmothered starts streaming on December 4, 2020, on Disnbey+.